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Social Media: statistiche di fine 2012

Iniziamo il nuovo anno con uno sguardo al..passato. E’ infatti tempo di bilanci e di numeri relativi all’anno che si è appena concluso. Riportiamo quindi una serie incredibile di statistiche raccolte dal sito Digital Marketing Ramblings su social media, apps e strumenti web. I numeri sono aggiornati a metà dicembre 2012 e abbracciano un pò di tutto: i soliti noti (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin), qualche tool famoso (Gmail, Hotmail) e molti nomi poco conosciuti  (il social network russo VK.com, la chat giapponese Line, Tango, MyHeritage, Viggle/GetGlue, Gogobot, iHeartRadio, SkillsPages).

Ma quanti di questi nomi saranno ancora con noi alla fine del 2013?

 N.B. Per condividere una singola statistica su Twitter (anzichè l’intero articolo) è sufficiente cliccare sulla scritta Condividi su Twitter (se presente). Buona lettura e condivisione!

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  1. […] Quasi il 60% degli utenti di Pinterest preferisce le immagini che hanno a che fare con il cibo. Solo il 25% degli iscritti a Facebook si preoccupa di configuare la privacy. Questi dati curiosi, insieme a qualche altra informazione interessante, si trova  in questo infografico dell’ Huffington Post. Se vi interessano altre statistiche ”social”  dell’anno che si è appena concluso, potete anche leggere il mio articolo Social Media: statistiche di fine 2012. […]

  2. Roberto, I appreciate that you enjoy my content and that you linked to my site, but I respectfully ask you to please take down this post. 

    The content you copied/pasted from my site is the result of countless hours of hard work and research. I really don’t feel comfortable with another blog taking my content wholesale and making it their own without my consent. 

    Additionally, I do not appreciate that you copied my “click this tweet” option over and replaced my twitter handle and link with yours. It isn’t your content, so you shouldn’t be taking credit for it on Twitter.

    Thanks in advance for addressing this issue in a timely fashion, 

    Craig (Digital Marketing Ramblings)

    • Craig, I
      think you are a kind of overreacting. As you have acknowledged I have given you
      full credit for your post.

      The web is full of social media statistics written in English and I thought to
      add value to your post with a translation into Italian (many Italian users are
      looking for social stats but read/speak little English). 
      I have also removed some statistics
      which I didn’t find interesting or relevant to my audience (in some
      cases you are making some confusion between monthly users and overall users). 
      So it is basically a new content and It is quite arguable that you can claim a
      list of news/URLs as your original content and ask a formal consent for a simple
      Please note that I have manually translated the titles of the
      original articles and not your content. Anyhow this has been done in good faith
      and not with a “wholesale” cut & paste from the original post.

      Let me also tell you that I don’t appreciate your “bossy” attitude and
      that the idea of using the “click to tweet” PUBLIC tool is a good idea but it
      is not yours, see for example [URL NO LONGER AVAILABLE].
      You are not the first to use it and won’t be the last. As explained above,
      readers are looking for info in Italian, therefore makes little sense to link a
      twitter handle to a post in English language. Also the shortened URL links to
      the original article.

      Nobody wants to take credit for your content or stealing it as you are quite
      unrespectfully implying.

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